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Hi. This is Kolleen. I have been pen palling for 25 years. I thought I woukd make a pen pal website to help others find prn pals.

I can connect you to pen pals, pen pal newsletters, and help you get some great mail!


Pen Pal Across The Miiles

Welcome to Pen Pals Across The Milles. P.O Box 905, Wi 53141 USA. We are your source for all things pen pal.

Whst the heck are Friendship Books and why is everyone trading them?
Fun Swaps with your pals from envie swaps to box swaps
Pen Pal Newletters
Internet Pen Pal Websites... Besides this one
Dangers of Pen Palling
These people want mail!
Pen Pal Supply List
Why Snail Mail instead of emails?
History of Pen Palling
Why you should get a P O Box if you decide to become a serious pen paller
Good and Bad Pen Pals
How many pen pals is a good number?
Where do I find pen pals?
Swapping fb, notepaper, stickers and more. Whats it all about?
Will Pen Palling ruin my budget?
Should You Meet Your Pen Pal?

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